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Mon Mar 28 04:34:58 PDT 2016

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the last option, with separate explicit functions for degrees and radians. It's ultra-clear and it doesn't require creating a new Angle class.  Introductory students will appreciate the lack of ambiguity. 

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> On Mar 28, 2016, at 7:31 AM, arturo castro <arturo at openframeworks.cc> wrote:
> Would be good to get this going again. It's right now stalling other PRs
> from being merged since it touches most of the code. So...
> - Is someone completely opposed to merge this in any form?
> - The main problem seems to be to have radians as the default which
> could be solved by having an Angle class that makes it explicit the
> angle unit. There was a similar PR in glm itself but it doesn't seem
> it'll get merged since it has some syntax problems with some current
> methods with same name but opposite meaning so if we did it, it would be
> something that would be used only for OF methods and functions. So i
> guess the options are:
>  . Have OF methods using taking an Angle object as parameter instead of
> a numeric value
>  . Keep OF as degrees and glm as radians
>  . Use radians everywhere in OF <- this would break things in really
> undetectable ways and i don't think we should do it
>  . Have 2 versions of anything accepting an angle:
>     ofRotate <- deprecated? still expecting degrees
>     ofRotateRad
>     ofRotateDeg
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