[of-dev] increasing the bus factor

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Thu Jul 30 06:51:34 PDT 2015

On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 08:36:00AM -0400, Zachary Lieberman wrote:
> I think James meant that "ofxAddons" was a one person operation...
Ok, it can be read this way.

> to say that OF is a one person operation is really to disregard alot of the
> hard work people are doing on different platforms, PR requests, code
> contributions, testing, etc.
Yes. I am very thankful for all the contributions and that i found a good
ground to base my contributions on.

> That doesn't discount the fact that Arturo
> is doing a *ton* of merging and responsibilities which is probably not
> sustainable longer term.
This is more in line with the "bus factor" i was pointing out. My concern
is that oF potentially dies if Arturo can not keep up his very good work.
>From a community perspective i am wary of central (human) dependencies.
It seems to emerge that the people on this list do not share this concern,
which is good. I (personally) do not have a (very detailed) overview over
the oF development community, but it seems healthy from what you people
say. Thank you for correcting my view.


PS: Yes, THANK YOU ARTURO (and everyone else!)

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