[of-dev] increasing the bus factor

tpltnt.ofdev at dropcut.net tpltnt.ofdev at dropcut.net
Thu Jul 30 05:07:28 PDT 2015

Dear beautiful people,

I would like to pick up on a remark by James Hughes dropped in the
"ofxaddons.com" thread:
> ... openFrameworks ... pretty much a one man show on the dev side
The bus factor[0] of openFrameworks is 1. This is not just a personal
feeling[1]. I try to increase it, but i will not be able to sustain
my rate of contributions like last week[2]. This leaves a handfull
of questions:
1. How can you Arturo sustain such an amount of contributions to oF?
   (I do not know your background and this is not an attack.)
2. Are there any specific efforts to get contributions to oF beside
   mentioning it occasionally in workshops?
3. Is there an (on|off)boarding process for (future) contributing
   community members?
4. Is there any active community building work going on beside the
   forum (e.g. local user groups / show & tell etc.)?
   If so, is there a central hub?


[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_factor
[1] https://mtov.github.io/Truck-Factor/
[2] I am currently jumping between timezones and spend a significant
    amount of time in airplanes.

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