[of-dev] [OFPlugin] How do we make OFPlugin part of the core? (#37)

Zachary Lieberman zach at eyebeam.org
Thu Jul 23 14:10:37 PDT 2015

Sounds like a good idea! I think a good first step would be adding info
about OF plugin to the OSX install readme:


It feels like it definitely makes sense to recommend this in the context of
setting up OSX -- you can edit the guide here:


there's info about how to work with the site here:


In terms of packaging it with the download, I'm curious how we would
support multiple versions of xcode, would we package different versions of
OFplugin in the download?    Also, I'm curious if alcatraz is the preferred
method of setting this up or we ask people to do this manually in
(~/Library/Application Support/Developer....) or build some sort of

- zach

On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 4:50 PM, Regina Flores <regina.flores at gmail.com>

> Hey oF Dev Folks,
> I am a HUGE *OFPlugin* fan and it has become a major part of my work
> flow. It is also widely used by many of my Parsons colleagues. I find it
> especially useful when teaching beginner users since it is such an easy and
> seamless way to incorporate add-ons into your code.
> I am curious how/if we can ensure that it is always working with upgrades
> to the Xcode IDE and the latest openFrameworks releases. I wonder if there
> are there plans to make this part of the core? And if not, we can revisit
> the discussion.
> Cheers and many thanks,
> Regina
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> Hi @reginaflores <https://github.com/reginaflores>, this was brought up
> way back when OFPlugin was announced on the dev list. At the time we
> weren't really sure if people would find it useful, and if it'd even
> survive beyond the next Xcode version.
> It might be a decent time to bring it up again, though! Either an issue on
> the OF github repo or a dev mailing list post would probably be the right
> venue.
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