[of-dev] openFrameworks partner program (testing stage)

Kyle McDonald kyle at kylemcdonald.net
Fri Jan 9 11:38:59 PST 2015

hi everyone,

every studio working with OF asks the same question: how can they give back
to the community?

we haven't had a good answer before, but now we're taking the first step:
the openFrameworks partner program will allow studios to dedicate some
regular time from their employees towards working on openFrameworks.

this idea has been brewing for over a year, but with the SFCI apothecary
sponsorship, GSoC mentorship, and code lib mentorship, we're trying to
explore more ways to get people into contexts where they have the freedom
and a supportive environment to contribute to OF.

after a brief discussion today with zach, theo, elliot woods, and joel
gethin lewis, we're going to test this openFrameworks partner program idea
with three studios this year:

- Kimchi and Chips (Seoul)
- Hellicar & Lewis (London)
- Design I/O (Boston)

before the end of the year, after we've learned from this testing stage, we
will open it up to more studios and announce the program publicly.

the idea is:

- studios will allocate a regular amount of time for an employee to be a
contributor (tbd)
- the contributor will follow the usual OF contribution workflow, added to
a github team, etc.
- there will be an emphasis on communication about what the contributor is
working on
- initial work will be towards smaller tasks that everyone benefits from
(milestoned bugs)
- later work will be on bigger tasks (projects)
- studios will guide/mentor the contributors

we would also like to have a system in place where we can create
opportunities for people looking for employment, after finishing school for
example, to be directed towards these partner studios. the first
opportunity like this may open up in a few months with kimchi and chips,
and the announcement will be made here.

if you're interested in following this discussion, we've started a new
mailing list:


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