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Christopher P. Baker me at christopherbaker.net
Wed Jan 7 09:56:36 PST 2015

Hi all, I'm on board to help however I can as well.

Regarding your great OpenProcessing for OF suggestion -- I am currently
working on something like that for ofSketch.  Basically it allows you to
save sketches "in the cloud" on gist (hat tip to Kyle for the gist idea a
while ago).  So, ideally we'll have a collection of sketches (kind of like
the do w/ D3) that will be accessible on the web (possibly via emscripten
if we can get that working smoothly enough w/ a rich enough feature set)
and at the very least as a "open this in ofSketch" button.  Since ofSketch
has a web-based interface, it would be pretty straight forward (for someone
with more time than I have) to make some sort of ofSketch gist gallery
browser -- kind of like they've done for maker bot, etc.

The gist ofSketch project parser is the next thing on my ofSketch todo list!


On Wed Jan 07 2015 at 11:14:48 AM Gene Kogan <kogan.gene at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi kyle, all.
> i would be down to be a mentor or help in the mentorship program, though i
> won't be back in new york for a couple more months.
> i think one way we could get more beginners to contribute is to make
> something like OpenProcessing for OF. it would double as a great learning
> resource as well. maybe now with emscripten this is more practical.
> On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 2:29 AM, Kyle McDonald <kyle at kylemcdonald.net>
> wrote:
>> hi everyone,
>> yesterday i had a long discussion with phoenix perry, who is an excellent
>> hacker, artist, game developer, and professor, amongst many other things.
>> she founded the code liberation foundation http://codeliberation.org/
>> which offers free development workshops in order to facilitate the creation
>> of video game titles by women.
>> i didn't realize it, but they actually teach OF in many courses, and some
>> of the code lib teachers are avid OF users! the fact that this has
>> completely slipped under my radar got us scheming, and phoenix had an
>> excellent idea: that we create a partnership between code lib and OF that
>> makes space for women finishing the code lib courses to be mentored and
>> join in as active contributors.
>> i was going to write about this to a few people directly, but thought i'd
>> write to of-dev instead so anyone interested could hop in.
>> our only previous experience with any kind of "mentorship" relationship
>> has been through google summer of code, but i feel like if we start slowly
>> with a few people this could really help us towards building a more
>> balanced community that is still accessible for beginners and powerful for
>> advanced users who have been using OF for a while.
>> so, i'd like to open up this discussion by asking:
>> - how can we best structure a mentorship program?
>> - who is interested in being a mentor?
>> - how can we create more opportunities for beginners to contribute? the
>> list at the bottom of this page http://openframeworks.cc/community/ is a
>> good start, but what's next?
>> kyle
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