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Yes! Think easy tasks and lowering the bar. There's a good likelihood I'll be fielding tech questions from people so I'll try and do whatever they do so I understand it and am up on it. Also, re:being a mentor. What this means is that not only that you'll help with tech questions but that you'll actually take an active interest in these women and help me shape them into level 10 ninjas. Talks, interviews and everything I can do to throw them in the limelight, I am doing. Over the last few years, I've taken tons of opportunities and played them forward towards the women in our core. The reason? More diversity in games helps us all in the long term. There are honestly like a handful of women in games (5% of the development jobs in games belong to women). We are going to have to create roll models first before we open the flood gates to the masses. As this happens, they will honestly redefine the market with new projects and ideas. It's working so far. They are all exploding / on the verge of being really well known. I will not stop until that has happened for each of them. I'm a women on a mission. 
Also, know Code Lib is a longer form project and every single one of these women has a vow to me to bring up others as they rise. This is how we function. 
They are all positive forces in this world. I'm super excited to make this real. 
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hi kyle, all.
i would be down to be a mentor or help in the mentorship program, though i won't be back in new york for a couple more months.
i think one way we could get more beginners to contribute is to make something like OpenProcessing for OF. it would double as a great learning resource as well. maybe now with emscripten this is more practical.
On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 2:29 AM, Kyle McDonald <kyle at kylemcdonald.net> wrote:
hi everyone,
yesterday i had a long discussion with phoenix perry, who is an excellent hacker, artist, game developer, and professor, amongst many other things. she founded the code liberation foundation http://codeliberation.org/ which offers free development workshops in order to facilitate the creation of video game titles by women.
i didn't realize it, but they actually teach OF in many courses, and some of the code lib teachers are avid OF users! the fact that this has completely slipped under my radar got us scheming, and phoenix had an excellent idea: that we create a partnership between code lib and OF that makes space for women finishing the code lib courses to be mentored and join in as active contributors.
i was going to write about this to a few people directly, but thought i'd write to of-dev instead so anyone interested could hop in.
our only previous experience with any kind of "mentorship" relationship has been through google summer of code, but i feel like if we start slowly with a few people this could really help us towards building a more balanced community that is still accessible for beginners and powerful for advanced users who have been using OF for a while.
so, i'd like to open up this discussion by asking:
- how can we best structure a mentorship program?- who is interested in being a mentor?- how can we create more opportunities for beginners to contribute? the list at the bottom of this page http://openframeworks.cc/community/ is a good start, but what's next?


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