[of-dev] continous integration (kind of) + nightly builds

Christoph Buchner bilderbuchi at phononoia.at
Wed May 30 13:42:48 PDT 2012

ah, I see. Did you look at Jenkins, too? That always seemed like my 
prime candidate to investigate for a CI solution on an own box. From 
shallow investigations it always looked pretty powerful...


On Wed 30 May 2012 10:30:16 PM CEST, arturo castro wrote:
> @theo, mmh weird that iOS doesn't have the examples, will take a look
> about the libraries for windows in the nightly builds, i don't think
> they are so necesary, if you open the workspace or the solution in vs
> it already compiles the library and i guess most people will just get
> the stable version, only most experienced users will download the
> nightly builds. also as you say adding a script that compiles the OF
> library can be another solution
> for the releases though, the script that creates the packages is
> already trying to pull the compiled library from some location.
> in the long term having a windows machine online will be great,
> perhaps not so much for building the packages but it will help a lot
> with testing to have a computer that compiles all the examples daily
> for vs and cb and sends the results to the webpage
> @elliot for the nightly builds is not compiling any code
> @christoph, have looked into several ci packages but all of them seem
> to be oriented to web development and most of them based in java, i'm
> just using some bash scripts, will upload them to scripts/dev later
> about the errors my idea was to send a mail every time there's an
> error in the core or any of the examples, probably to this list. but
> yes having links to the errors at the top of the page seems a great
> idea, will try to add it
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