[of-dev] The perils of releasing without an up-to-date changelog

Theodore Watson theo at openframeworks.cc
Wed May 30 06:06:55 PDT 2012

ugg no, you're right we need a changelog. 
is there any easy way to get from github all the commit messages since 007 as a text file?

I'll happy write it up into a changelog. 

Theo Watson

On May 30, 2012, at 8:45 AM, Christoph Buchner wrote:

> So, now we have the mess. CDM just wrote a nice and shiny article about the new OF release, enumerating all those nice new features....from the 0070 changelog. 
> http://createdigitalmotion.com/2012/05/openframeworks-0071-biggest-release-yet-more-examples-more-creative-coding-goodness-details/
> Who will tell them? :-)
> sorry if I sound overly smart-assed or passive-aggressive, but I brought the lack of a current changelog up more than once...
> greets,
> christoph
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