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arturo castro arturo at openframeworks.cc
Sat May 5 15:04:37 PDT 2012

yes it does the same as the python script, and the syntax is the same so 
adapting the wizard should just require to change the command it calls.

there'll be an install script for the PG in linux and it'll copy it to 
/usr/bin so you can call it from anywhere. it has some more options now 
to generate the project for other platforms for example.

projectGenerator --help

will tell you all the options

El 05/05/12 01:30, Pierre Proske escribió:
> OK great...
> The createProjects.py that Matt had in his repo worked fine in Linux
> btw, but the codeblocks projects still needed fixing.
> Scripts seems to be a reasonable place to put it.
> So the command line version of the PG will do everything the python
> script did? I'd like to keep the codeblocks wizard still working if
> possible, I found it pretty convenient.
> On 05/05/12 02:02, arturo castro wrote:
>> i've added some ifdefs to the PG so we can have a command line version
>> to substitute the python script. right now it only works on linux but
>> it could be adapted to work in windows and osx pretty easily.
>> i'm thinking where to put it in the final package, i guess it makes
>> sense to have it in scripts/projectGenerator?
>> also did we decided if we want to move it to a different repo?
>> a
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