[of-dev] 64 bit and legacy Quicktime - solution idea

James George james at jamesgeorge.org
Thu May 31 07:44:47 PDT 2012

Hey OF

I met with Theo yesterday and we spoke a bit about how to leave legacy
32bit quicktime behind.

At the moment, the QTKit ( and eventually AVFoundation ) frameworks provide
an OS X alternative, and GStreamer promises the same for windows.

The biggest hang up has been that ofxQTKitVideoGrabber doesn't support the
legacy video settings dialog without dipping down into the 32bit api.
SeqGrabber...  Ew, grody! And even then it often doesn't work.

The solution may lay in this example:

Which shows how to open a 32 bit command line process and use IOSurface
(the framework backing syphon) to pull textures from a video file into a 64
bit process.

If we could turn the existing quicktime video grabber into a wrapper over a
command line interface to a different process (that is capable of opening
the video settings dialog) then we could move the whole core of OF into 64
bit and upgrade the video players to the modern libraries.

Steps are
1) test this to see if it works and is fast/reliable.
2) figure out how to distribute/package this LegacyVideoGrabberCLI app that
doesn't complicate the build workflow

I'd like to throw this out to Anton too since i know he's worked with
IOSurface a lot.

LMK your thoughts,

- James
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