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On Apr 29, 2011, at 19:57, Kyle McDonald <kyle at kylemcdonald.net> wrote:

> re epic forum threads: i feel like the wiki was supposed to solve
> this. but i think it doesn't have the necessary exposure + momentum.
> maybe we could embed summaries directly into the top of long threads?
> i've tried this a few times in the past if i'm the first poster by
> putting red text with a brief summary.

Couldn't we just post these into the wiki as a seed for future fleshing out?

> re not tracking github: i think if we were on an automated and regular
> release cycle, this would be different. people still wouldn't track
> github, but everyone would be more on the same page.
> re tutorials: super essential. i think the thing that was nice about
> 3dsav examples compared to of/examples/ is that 3dsav got steadily
> more complicated. i can't stand the code duplication, but the general
> idea is right on. some of the cinder tutorials are like this and it's
> wonderful.

Agreed and although code duplication is annoying for a lot of people repetition is the key to learning, etc etc. Building up, demoing features, both pretty key to getting people to use/understand a library. I still think Processing is the best at this,

> re kinect specifically: this is going to get even more complicated
> with the microsoft sdk. i personally think ofxKinect needs to be
> completely rewritten, and we need an ofxDepthUtils or similar that
> takes advantage of 007 features like ofMesh and handles lots of stuff
> we dealt with in 3dsav examples. it should be completely cross
> platform, support multiple cameras, have depth + rgb alignment 'out of
> the box', etc... so that the only advantages to openni and the
> microsoft sdk are skeleton tracking. i've been looking into this today
> -- openkinect just merged unstable with master for the first time in 4
> months, and i think they're only a few features and bugs away from a
> 1.0 libfreenect...
> also, i count at least 4 females in that photo, which is awesome!
> kyle
> On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 7:51 PM, Zachary Lieberman <zach at eyebeam.org> wrote:
>> ps: we should totally have the next OF dev conference here.
>> On Sat, Apr 30, 2011 at 4:46 AM, Zachary Lieberman <zach at eyebeam.org> wrote:
>>> Greetings everyone,
>>> Just a heads up that the workshops in japan went super great, and the
>>> level of enthusiasm from the advanced group (including authors of the OF
>>> book in japan, and hackers like akira, etc) for 0.07 was extremely high.  It
>>> was clear not everyone is tracking github, so when I went over what had
>>> changed people really were super excited.  You could literally see eyes
>>> light up.   By the end, people were digging through vertex attribute code
>>> and doing funky shader math on textures.  The questions people had were
>>> super interesting.
>>> One thing I noticed was many very simple examples really helped people get
>>> into a topic, like shaders.  I started with very simple examples of fragment
>>> shaders (distance from mouse position = brightness) and got them into more
>>> complex vertex attribute ones like how the depth of field works.   (very
>>> similar to 3dsav class kyle).  This suggests something really obvious --  p5
>>> style / model of tutorials might be a secondary / helpful thing to try to
>>> promote after the core docs get an update.
>>> Another thing that would be very useful is to perhaps work on a document
>>> (wiki? pirate pad, etc) regarding the kinect, and what versions work where,
>>> etc what needs to be done (openni on win CB, etc).   A kind of general state
>>> of the kinect.  I feel like alot of time, for us, this kind of info gets
>>> into a very long forum thread (thinking of that epic ps3 camera thread) -
>>> but my feeling in the workshop in japan was that this style of info
>>> collection might be better distilled in a doc, esp for non english speakers.
>>>  the tl;dr version of long and important forum threads..   This is a great
>>> task for a student / intern, and I'm thinking of a few people in my hood who
>>> might be able to help.    i think it's a great task to try to suss out the
>>> history of an addon, and get a bigger picture of what needs to be done.
>>> anyway, I'll think of more notes, but just wanted to report a super high
>>> level of energy / enthusiasm over here.  word!
>>> take care,
>>> ps: quick pic of the beginning section (did two workshops today)
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