[of-dev] ofFbo

arturo castro arturo at openframeworks.cc
Fri Apr 29 11:28:42 PDT 2011

El vie, 29-04-2011 a las 11:25 -0400, Theodore Watson escribió:
> Would be good to get ofFbo nailed down, is the iPhone / Android
> support the only issue at the moment? Any other bug-fixes that people
> want to send pull requests for I can do a bunch of merging today.  

have just uploaded the fbo to development:


the things i've added:

// for setting a depth + stencil renderbuffer at the same time
#define GL_DEPTH_STENCIL                GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8_OES

// theres  16,24,32  but none of them seem to work


in updateTexture it checks:

if(fbo != fboTextures) {

which only happens if it's a multisample fbo which is not supported in
gles 1 at least in android in ios4 there seems to be an extension
though.  anyway all the method is in an ifdef for opengles

then in setup shadow it's doing:

glGenTextures(1, &depthBuffer);

but then depthBuffer is always released as a render buffer so i guess it
needs a flag in case it's generated as a texture or even better a new
variable for this.

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