[of-dev] cooler parts of 007 ?

Elliot Woods elliot at kimchiandchips.com
Fri Apr 29 07:55:23 PDT 2011

This may sound really lame, but simply the volume of code shifted around for 007 was impressive to me (e.g. In github graphs). 

Other than that. I think the vector math is a particularly important addition to the core. 

P.s. Anybody had time to consider the autoload/compile for shaders that I drafted? If not then it'd be good to maybe make a (piratepad(?)) list of unimplemented but drafted features drifting away from compilabilty in orphaned github branches.


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On 29 Apr 2011, at 02:59, Zachary Lieberman <zach at eyebeam.org> wrote:

> hi everyone, 
> greetings...
> I'm giving a workshop tomorrow in japan about OF, and for the advanced section I'm going to work for part of the time with 007 -- wondering, what you think the coolest things worth pointing out are.  I know the obvious ones, like mesh, 3d, swappable api, but what else do you think is important to highlight ?  
> thanks much, 
> zach 
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