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Memo Akten memo at memo.tv
Thu Apr 28 11:38:46 PDT 2011

in case it's useful, here are some snippets regarding ofmesh+kinect i've
been using lately, i haven't released them yet cos I haven't had a chance to
fully test them in different circumstances

ofxkinect point cloud -> ofmesh
this one is quite basic, just stores the point cloud in ofmesh

ofxopenni ->ofmesh
this one is a lot more complex, it triangulates the mesh, but first it
applies a few threshold for near and far, and optionally triangle length.
The triangulation needs a few passes because it's not about triangulating
adjacently numbered indices anymore, but those that are actually physically
adjacent, so I need the map of physical location (pre-thresholded index) to
the new index in the array. Possibly this could be done quicker, but I was
in a hurry when I wrote it, and it works :)

ofmesh <-> .ply
this is very incomplete, doesn't store triangulation and makes some pretty
rash assumptions for the header size and format - it was for a specific
project, and worked for that, again, written in quite a hurry :)

On 28 April 2011 19:22, arturo castro <arturo at openframeworks.cc> wrote:

> well if you want to go advanced, there's shared pointers already in the
> development branch:
> ofPtr<Class> myPtr(new Class)
> and some of the classes are already using it, like videoGrabber,
> videoPlayer and everything that had a pointer so it doesn't have
> destruction problems on copy.
> also (this is already in master) all the classes in gl have shallow copy
> semantics so now you can put textures (also vbos, shaders...) in a
> vector without problem and if you make copies they all are references to
> the same resource in the gpu until you reallocate or clear them: then
> they become a new thing and the original keeps referencing the same
> resource which gets released once every reference goes out of scope or
> is deleted.
> pdfs and svgs through the cairo renderer, (did you know that you can do
> trails a la processing with setBackgroundAuto(false) ; )   you can use
> every function in graphics, including bitmapString and draw images, but
> don't trust very much the 3d features yet.
> and also ofFile, ofDirectory and ofBuffer are pretty handy.
> El vie, 29-04-2011 a las 02:59 +0900, Zachary Lieberman escribió:
> >
> >
> >
> > hi everyone,
> >
> >
> > greetings...
> >
> >
> > I'm giving a workshop tomorrow in japan about OF, and for the advanced
> > section I'm going to work for part of the time with 007 -- wondering,
> > what you think the coolest things worth pointing out are.  I know the
> > obvious ones, like mesh, 3d, swappable api, but what else do you think
> > is important to highlight ?
> >
> >
> > thanks much,
> > zach
> >
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