[of-dev] japan workshop

Zachary Lieberman zach at eyebeam.org
Fri Apr 29 12:46:06 PDT 2011

Greetings everyone,

Just a heads up that the workshops in japan went super great, and the level
of enthusiasm from the advanced group (including authors of the OF book in
japan, and hackers like akira, etc) for 0.07 was extremely high.  It was
clear not everyone is tracking github, so when I went over what had changed
people really were super excited.  You could literally see eyes light up.
By the end, people were digging through vertex attribute code and doing
funky shader math on textures.  The questions people had were super

One thing I noticed was many very simple examples really helped people get
into a topic, like shaders.  I started with very simple examples of fragment
shaders (distance from mouse position = brightness) and got them into more
complex vertex attribute ones like how the depth of field works.   (very
similar to 3dsav class kyle).  This suggests something really obvious --  p5
style / model of tutorials might be a secondary / helpful thing to try to
promote after the core docs get an update.

Another thing that would be very useful is to perhaps work on a document
(wiki? pirate pad, etc) regarding the kinect, and what versions work where,
etc what needs to be done (openni on win CB, etc).   A kind of general state
of the kinect.  I feel like alot of time, for us, this kind of info gets
into a very long forum thread (thinking of that epic ps3 camera thread) -
but my feeling in the workshop in japan was that this style of info
collection might be better distilled in a doc, esp for non english speakers.
 the tl;dr version of long and important forum threads..   This is a great
task for a student / intern, and I'm thinking of a few people in my hood who
might be able to help.    i think it's a great task to try to suss out the
history of an addon, and get a bigger picture of what needs to be done.

anyway, I'll think of more notes, but just wanted to report a super high
level of energy / enthusiasm over here.  word!

take care,

ps: quick pic of the beginning section (did two workshops today)
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