[of-dev] ios problems

Memo Akten memo at memo.tv
Tue Apr 19 07:15:59 PDT 2011

I just tried the iOS port and there were a ton of errors in the source and
iphone project regarding:

- graphics + gl
- orientation stuff (and thus anything that uses it, e.g. keyboard)
- events
- video player
- video grabber

i've fixed these all and committed in a fix-ios branch. The examples compile
and run now, but I recommend whoever wrote those bits to have a bit more of
an indepth look to make sure the fixes don't have any side effects.


P.S. Some of the examples, the developer is set to Theo's developer profile.
If we leave this on Automatic it will pick whatever profile is installed on
the mac. Also, there is a stray cppunit.a missing in the example projects
/libs/poco too (we don't even need the osx folder here i guess in the
projects?). I've fixed the empty example, which compiles and works now, some
of the other examples (e.g. videograbber) doesn't link though. I"ll leave
that to the video guys :)

Memo Akten

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