[of-dev] git workflow question

Memo Akten memo at memo.tv
Sun Apr 17 12:57:01 PDT 2011

we've had loooong threads before about best git workflow, creating a new
branch for each 'feature' or 'fix'. That I get, but what I don't get is

Let's say I'm in any branch (e.g. memo-dev), and I realize a bug which I
want to fix so I create a new branch based off upstream/master
>> git checkout -b memo-fix-bug upstream/master
I make my fix, commit, push, from github switch to that branch and send a
pull request.

Question is, then what do I do?

If i switch back to memo-dev, it doesn't have the bug fix. Do I then
*immediately* merge in memo-fix-bug to memo-dev and delete memo-fix-bug? Or
do I merge and keep the branch until it's merged into upstream? For the
latter situation how will I know when it is merged into upstream so I can
delete my branch? Will either of these create a conflict when the commit is
eventually merged into upstream and I merge from upstream? Or do I
temporarily re do the fix by hand (without merging the fix branch) and fix
the conflict when it arises? what is the meaning of life? is there a god?

so many questions.

Memo Akten

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