[of-dev] ofxShader addon

Pierre Proske pierre at digitalstar.net
Sun Jul 11 01:54:06 PDT 2010

I was just reading this post:

and I saw that Kyle has done a little work on ofxShader....something 
which I was planning to do (well, I've made my own changes).

My question is, in the light of the addons refresh - is ofxShader going 
to be integrated into the core? Otherwise, where will the latest version 
be kept (I'm worried its going to turn into another ofxFBO with multiple 

My interest is because, firstly, the addon needed a bit of an update, 
and secondly, I've made a basic framework for an ofxShaderManager addon, 
that keeps track of all currently loaded shaders and also monitors the 
shader directory, so that if you make a change to a shader text file, it 
notices the changes, recompiles the shaders and links the program anew. 
This enables you to make changes to the shader while the app is running, 
which saves a lot of time. I thought I could build on top of ofxShader, 
but I think I will need to re-write parts of it to accomodate a global 
shader path, a little like the ofDataPath. If it gets too complicated, I 
might just make a new ofxShader2, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

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