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Kyle McDonald kyle at kylemcdonald.net
Fri Jul 9 17:17:12 PDT 2010

Amazing list! I was trying to remember the name of ofxFreeFrame recently...

I have an idea for /addons, I might have mentioned it here before: make 
it entirely user (developer) generated. On the /addons page, there will 
be a form with a single text field. In that text field, you submit a 
URL. The URL points to an XML file that looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <author>Theo Watson</author>
  <description>A flexible control panel based GUI, with XML saving and a 
variety of input types.</description>

The server grabs this file and adds the info to an internal database. 
The server updates itself automatically once a day, giving authors the 
ability to change their project description or project url.

I think the Processing model is great:


And the main thing it's missing is some information about things that 
might not work anymore (though they did some pruning when 1.0 was 
released). This is why I included the lastUpdated field above.

Maybe even steal the Processing categories (3D, animation, compilations, 
cv, data/protocols...) for /addons?

Curating addons will make the page really useful, but I think the addon 
scene is almost too volatile. Unless someone is regularly maintaining 
/addons it could quickly lose its utility.

Again, awesome work :)


Zachary Lieberman wrote:
> greetings everyone! 
> in the middle of this crazy heat spell, my crew here in nyc has been 
> going through and finding addons to add to the page: 
> openframeworks.cc/addons/contributed 
> <http://openframeworks.cc/addons/contributed>
> we've started a very rough list here of things we've found.  There's 
> some very interesting stuff out there, and I'm sure as we get deeper 
> into this, it will help alot: 
> http://piratepad.net/1TwSWduAae
> I particularly enjoyed spotting ofxToxi ;) 
> In addition, we'd like to remove / decommission / (nuke!) 
> addons.openframeworks.cc <http://addons.openframeworks.cc>, which isn't 
> really working as we had intended last year, and encourage anyone that's 
> got stuff on there, to get it off on to google code, github, or their 
> own site.  There is a list, on the piratepad towards the bottom, of 
> addons that are on the contributed page that link to the 
> addons.openframeworks.cc <http://addons.openframeworks.cc>.    We'd like 
> to try to get stuff out of there by next week, and will ping individual 
> authors if necessary.  We're checking now if they've moved, and will 
> update the pirate pad as we go with what we find. 
> In addition, it would be awesome if addon developers can start creating 
> forum threads for their respective addons, in order to get feedback, 
> announce bugs, etc.  I think this will help make a centralized place of 
> info and feedback.  Useful if you can also use version numbers in your 
> forum postings, too.
> anyway, we think getting rid of addons.openframeworks.cc 
> <http://addons.openframeworks.cc> will help alot.  
> Please jump in with any ideas you have -- and also, if you want to help 
> list stuff on the pirate pad (other addons you know about, etc) please 
> go for it!   It's just a rough list of what they found in a day. 
> take care, 
> zach 
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